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Image Isn’t Everything: the uneasy conscience of a GenX pastor

See my article (Part 1: "Image Isn’t Everything: the uneasy conscience of a GenX Pastor" here and Part 2" "Image Isn’t Everything 2: depth and transparency offer hope for GenX" here) that is being published in two parts at Leadership Journal's blog Out of Ur. I wrote it in 2004 as the founder and leader of a GenX ministry at Granville Chapel in Vancouver, British Columbia.

It bears similarities to my post about Andy Stanley and Leadership here.

I hope you can overlook my use of the term "Gen-X pastor." This term is rarely used anymore and very few people believe in the Generation X distinction. Willow Creek has a "Next Gen" Leadership Conference. I like that better. You can see my post about the Emerging Churches book by Eddie Gibbs and Ryan Bolger for more discussion about the confusing terms “emerging” and “emergent.”

I also affirm that this image issue is not limited to pastors in their 20’s and 30’s. My post simply tries to identify some of the issues I noticed in myself and my friends and how we have tried to address them.