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The Heresy of Application

See the great quote by John Beukema at Out of Ur here.

"Ultimately, every text is about God. To focus constantly on the how can subtly influence our perspective of Scripture. For example, the awe-inspiring scene from Isaiah 6:1-4 should probably not become a sermon on 'How to Meet with God.'"

-John Beukema is pastor of King Street Church in Isaiah_6_1 Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Well said.  Is this Isaiah 6 event paradigmatic for worship?  What I mean is - should we expect Isaiah 6 everyday in quiet time?  Another example: should every worship service be just like the day of Pentecost?

Hmm . . . yes and no.  Ah, hermeneutics.  There are principles that are constant.  But we need to recognize that some aspects of the biblical narrative were more isolated events. 

This article reminds me of the classic Leadership Journal article by Haddon Robinson called "The Heresy of Application."  I often remembered that phrase. 

I remember one of the examples he gives is people who use Ruth to talk about how you should treat your mother-in-law when your husband dies.  Yes, but the hermeneutics needs a bit more reflection.