Eugene Peterson's lectures at Seattle Pacific University are online
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Theological and Biblical Audio Resources

Here are a number of good sources for theological and biblical audio.

  • Regent College Bookstore: Regent College, where Eugene Peterson taught and where I did my MDiv and had him as a professor, has a superb independent bookstore Regent College Bookstore, that has a wonderful collection of audio (CD's and downloadable audio) by Peterson and other theological and biblical heavyweights including Gordon Fee, John Howard Yoder, J.I. Packer, John Stott, N.T. Wright, Alvin Plantinga, Bruce Waltke, Kevin Vanhoozer, Stanley Grenz, Richard Hays, Albert Borgmann, Walter Brueggemann, Neil Postman, Charles Taylor, Peter Berger, F.F. Bruce, Derek Kidner, Stephen Evans, Alister McGrath, Richard John Neuhaus, etc. for purchase.  Yes you have to pay for them but these are seminary quality professional productions and support a good cause.  Regent audio is money well spent for your soul and mind.  They provide a sample at:  
  • Wheaton College Theology Conference audio and video: 2011, 2010, 2009.
  • Duke Divinity School audio at iTunes U. You just need to have iTunes (a free downloadable program for PC or Mac from Apple) installed on your computer for the links to iTunes U to work.  
  • Fuller Theological Seminary audio at iTunes U.
  • Eugene Peterson's lectures at Seattle Pacific University are online
  • Purchase or listen for free to Karl Barth audio. The ones in English are in Chicago and Princeton.
  • John Howard Yoder at Holden Village Audio
  • Holy Trinity Brompton bookshop in London, UK had lots of Lesslie Newbigin cassette tapes in 2004 when I visited but they do not list their offerings online.  I know of a couple lectures online:  the first is from 1995 on "Nihilism" from a conference at Holy Trinity Brompton; the second is from a 1991 conference in Toronto and it is called "Christ: Unique and Universal."
  • Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary also offers some free audio courses at their Dimensions of the Faith website.
  • Covenant Theological Seminary also offers some free audio courses at their Worldwide Classroom.
  • has Christian books in high quality audio for purchase.  They also have a free download each month and sometimes it is good.
  • Your public library may also allow for free downloadable audio books as my Durham County Library does.  See my recent listens at: Nonfiction Audiobooks from the Library
  • Audio Bibles at
  • The Bible Experience available perhaps at your library.  
  • Greek / Latin / Hebrew Bible read aloud or search Google: greek audio bible
  • NT Pod by New Testament professor at Duke University Mark Goodacre.  I listened to the first 40 of these while I was preparing for my NT preliminary exams.  They are short (under 15 minutes each) and engaging.  Goodacre teaches NT to Duke Undersity undergrads and graduate students who are of all religious backgrounds (rather than at the Divinity School where the students are all Christians) so he tries to keep his comments historical and objective by the standards of the Society of Biblical Literature guild rather than theological/Christian.  Goodacre is particularly good at teaching about the Synoptic problem and persuasive as well.      
  • See also on my blog the Audio category for my past posts about audio including some SBL / AAR recordings.