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EFCA perhaps not promoting the right role models

These Christians interface with the world more than pastors: Writers, artists, activists

I have been thinking about how as a pastor my job was to help bring people on the margins of the church community closer to the center. It is the job of lay people who interact on a daily basis or through their vocations with outsiders to be an interesting example of a Christian to outsiders. Perhaps pastors should not beat themselves up about not interacting more with non-Christians. This is easy for most of their congregants! Are these not different roles to a large extent? That is not to say pastors should have no non-Christian friends but is not their job to help occasional attenders to get connected? 


  1. That certain ingrown evangelical pattern of speaking, thinking, writing . . . Is there any hope of communicating outside the church?

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    @editordanreid Pastors feel bad about distance from outsiders. … The role of lay people? Francis Collins/Spufford.

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    @editordanreid Tim Keller has had some success in reaching outside--quoted by David Brooks. Philip Yancey says artists, activists effective.

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    @AndyRowell Yes, there are successful ones. I was just reading something & thinking how it wouldn't reach my "nones" friends.

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