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You need subject knowledge for effective leadership

On the Effectively Wild podcast, Sam Miller was wondering whether smart management experts from the business world without much baseball knowledge might revolutionize baseball further. However, I argued back that you do need subject knowledge (baseball in this instance) for effective leadership. 



.@EWPod Episode 765 is up @baseballpro and iTunes: MLB's MBA Future, with @jjq01. 

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  1. @SamMillerBP I teach management and @jjq01 is right that leaders need technical knowledge (Robert Katz, 1955) not just management skills.

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    @SamMillerBP @jjq01 In the Innovators (2014) @WalterIsaacson argues it is people and technical skills that are needed for breakthroughs.

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    @SamMillerBP @jjq01 In How Google Works (2014) @ericschmidt emphasizes that Google makes sure 1/2 of employees are engineers.

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    @SamMillerBP @jjq01 So you two were right on in the podcast to say that you need people with technical knowledge to ask the right questions.

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    @AndyRowell @SamMillerBP thx. And, more broadly, I think it's important to have people with different backgrounds to ask different questions

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