Tips on recording video for online courses and tips on teaching online

Here is a Twitter thread: about recording videos for online courses and teaching online. Thoughts on recording lectures: on the one hand you can do narrated PowerPoint with no view of the lecturer. The other way is recording yourself... Read more →

My 2015-2016 Ministry Leadership syllabi at Bethel Seminary

Here are some of my syllabi from the 2015-2016 school year at Bethel Seminary. Introduction to Transformational Leadership (hybrid of online with synchronous sessions and intensive) Download 00 Syllabus ML523 Rowell 2015-09-30 Organizational Leadership and Church Governance (traditional) Download 00... Read more →

Yahoo trying to survive

This article depicts the many changes that Yahoo has tried to make to survive in a world dominated by Google, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. It is tough. Andy Rowell ‏@AndyRowell Nov 22 Yahoo trying to survive. … View summary... Read more →