Larry Osborne has invited Mark Driscoll to speak at his October 2020 conference

A thread by Andy Rowell Dear @LarryOsborne, I see you advised Mark Driscoll in 2004, were friends in 2009, were impressed by his popularity in Jan 2011, had him at Sticky Teams Conference in Oct 2011, (…) johncatkinson@johncatkinson RT @LarryOsborne:... Read more →

American evangelicals and Putin and Russia: Eric Metaxas, Maria Butina, Prayer Breakfast, and Franklin Graham

A thread by Andy Rowell A reminder that Eric Metaxas interviewed and strongly defended Maria Butina who told Alexander Torshin the night Trump was elected: "It's 3 am here. I am ready for further orders." She slept with Paul Erickson... Read more →