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About This Blog

How to use this blog

Please use this blog in three ways.

1. Feel free to comment on the latest thing I have written. Some of you will want to "subscribe to this blog's feed" so you be notified whenever there is a new post rather than coming back here to check. You can just click on the "subscribe to this blog's feed" button and it will walk you through the steps. I use the free NewsGator Online.  [Update March 2008: I use Google Reader now]. See my post entitled How I Keep Up Reading Blogs to learn more.

2. Look through the articles or "posts" and browse to find subjects you are interested in. (See About Categories later in this post). I hope you will find things of interest. Feel free to comment on those old posts as well. If you want to see everything I've written, you have to scroll through the months (August 2006, July 2006, etc.)

3. You may have been directed here by a search engine. For example, maybe you are interested in the megachurch and you searched google and found my post "Strengths of the Purpose Driven Church and Sober Advice For Those Considering the Megachurch." Regardless of how you got here, welcome to my site.

Intent of the blog

My hope is that my writing will be fair and responsible, not mean-spirited or careless. At the same time I hope the entries are thought-provoking, relevant, and helpful for those of you involved in church leadership.

About comments

Like all bloggers, I enjoy hearing from readers. Whenever you comment on my blog, I get an email with the comment so I will be sure to read what you have to say. You do not have to sign in to comment. Feel free to leave short comments. Tell me you agree. Tell me you disagree and why. Also feel free to leave comments that direct me (and others) to other blogs (even your own is ok), websites and books that pertain to this subject. That is why I call this "church leadership conversations." The idea of blogs is to share ideas and learn together.

About categories

The categories serve as an index.  If you click on a word such as "megachurch," you will get all of my blog posts that touched on this subject starting with the most recent.  This enables you to pick a category you are interested in and see the posts I have written that touch on that subject.  The larger the font, the more posts that touch on that subject.