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Marva Dawn on Scripture and William Lane Craig on Christian Theism

Ryan and I listened to a lecture by Marva Dawn from the 2004 Regent College Pastor's Conference. (Sorry not a free one but it is available at Regent Bookstore or you can listen to random Regent Radio for free). She recommended the book The Art of Reading Scripture edited by Duke profs Ellen Davis and Richard Hays and used that as the foundation for her talk. (See one of my other posts that references this book). She also talked about her Ph.D. work at Notre Dame and having her dissertation rejected six times (I think). She did her work in Ethics so that she could do second emphases in "First and Second Testament." She also talked about memorizing Psalms and going over them as she swam in the pool.

Later we heard a "Christian theist (William Lane Craig) vs. atheist (Austin Dacey)" debate from the Veritas Forum. I thought Dacey's intial arguments were better but Craig's responses were better.

Sometimes we wonder if other people (for example I was talking with my mom about Oprah today) have a coherent world view. But do we? Listening to this debate helped sharpen my mind a bit today as I did dishes and fed Ryan. You can tell from the photo that he enjoyed the lectures!