Pittsburgh Ministry Sites Visited During Senior Capstone Trip
Favorite Audio Sermons and Lectures

Philadelphia Christian Ministries Bibliography

Since we were visiting Philadelphia Christian ministries I found a number of resources by and about the people we were visiting there. If you are interested in living in Philadelphia, this bibliography would be a great resource for you.


Revolution and Renewal: How Churches Are Saving Our Citiesby Tony Campolo, Bruce Main Westminster John Knox Press (March, 2000)

Churches That Make a Difference: Reaching Your Community With Good News and Good Works (Paperback)by Ronald J. Sider, Philip N. Olson, Heidi Rolland Unruh Baker Books (March, 2002)

Scandal Of The Evangelical Conscience: Why Are Christians Living Just Like The Rest Of The World? by Ronald J. Sider Baker Books (February, 2005)

Good News and Good Works: A Theology for the Whole Gospel (Paperback)by Ronald J. Sider Baker Books (February, 1999)

Urban Ministry: The Kingdom, the City, & the People of God (Hardcover)by Harvie M. Conn, Manuel Ortiz InterVarsity Press (February, 2001)

One New People: Models for Developing a Multiethnic Church (Paperback)by Manuel Ortiz InterVarsity Press (August, 1996)

School(s) for Conversion: 12 Marks of a New Monasticism (Paperback)by Rutba House (Editor) Cascade Books (January, 2005)

If Jesus Were a Senior: Last-Minute Preparations for Postcollege Lifeby Bruce Main Westminster John Knox Press; 1st ed edition (February, 2003)


The Simple Way – Shane Claiborne Articles:
The New MonasticismA fresh crop of Christian communities is blossoming in blighted urban settings all over America.by Rob Moll
September 2005, Vol. 49, No. 9, Page 38

2. Third chapter of
The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radicalby Shane Claiborne
Zondervan (February 1, 2006)

Ron Sider Articles:
Ron Sider's Unsettling CrusadeWhy does this man irritate so many people? cover story of the April 27, 1992 issue of Christianity Today

The Evangelical ScandalRon Sider says the movement is riddled with hypocrisy, and that it's time for serious change.Interview by Stan Guthrie
April 2005, Vol. 49, No. 4, Page 70
Andy Crouch Articles:
On the Journey to Greatness
Jonah, Jeremiah, Jeff, and the impact of faithfulness.
Andy Crouch
The Emergent MystiqueThe 'emerging church' movement has generated a lot of excitement but only a handful of congregations. Is it the wave of the future or a passing fancy?By Andy Crouch
November 2004, Vol. 48, No. 11, Page 36

You might also want to read Brian McLaren’s response at http://www.anewkindofchristian.com/archives/000271.html

You might also want to read Tony Jones’s response http://theoblogy.blogspot.com/2004/10/emergent-mystique.html

See also Andy Crouch’s response to all the blogging: http://theoblogy.blogspot.com/2004/10/andy-crouch-responds.html

8.http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2003/006/31.53.html Rites of PassageSelf-improvement is our culture's most durable religion.By Andy Crouch
June 2003, Vol. 47, No. 6, Page 53

Compliant but ConfusedUnpacking some myths about today's teens.by Andy Crouch
April 2005, Vol. 49, No. 4, Page 98
Manny Ortiz Article:
Carl Trueman Interview of Manuel Ortiz
First published in Themelios, the journal of the Religious and Theological Studies Fellowship, January 2004.

Tony Campolo Article:
The Positive ProphetTony Campolo is a ferocious critic of Christians left and right. Why do people still flock to hear him?Ted OlsenJanuary 1, 2003

A booklet on Tony’s ministry. You do not need to read this.

Sermons to listen to by Tony Campolo. This is just for fun.

http://www.philly.com/mld/inquirer/news/local/states/pennsylvania/counties/chester_county/cities_and_neighborhoods/13082755.htm Building ties across cultures A former garage in Kennett Square helps shape friendships among youths of different backgrounds.By Susan WeidenerInquirer Suburban Staff Posted on Sun, Nov. 06, 2005

Other Articles (some you have to pay for online):

Title: Downward Mobility in an Upscale World.Author: Shane ClaibornePublication: The Other Side (Magazine/Journal)Date: November 1, 2000Publisher: The Other SideVolume: 36 Issue: 6 Page: 10

Title: Yeast of the Pharisees.(Room For Grace)Author: Shane ClaibornePublication: The Other Side (Magazine/Journal)Date: July 1, 2004Publisher: The Other SideVolume: 40 Issue: 4 Page: 9(1)

Bruce Main in
Up & Comers, Part 2November 11, 1996 Christianity Today

A More Demanding FaithChristian history is full of attempts to lead a more radical faith.by David Neff
September 2005, Vol. 49, No. 9, Page 12

On evangelicals and interfaith cooperation: an interview with Tony Campolo by Shane Claiborne
Cross Currents, Spring, 2005 by Shane Claiborne