Bibliography of Key Biblical Commentaries for Women in Ministry Issues
Bookstore Between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh

Philadelphia Ministry Sites we visited during Senior Christian Ministry Capstone Trip

CrossWorld missions organization where we stayed at guesthouse

Palmer Theological Seminary - formerly known as Eastern Baptist Seminary. Good racial and gender mix where Keener and Sider teach.

Craig Keener - prolific outstanding New Testament scholar and commentary writer. Incredible personal story and expert in New Testament backgrounds. He is currently working on huge book of Acts commentary.

Ron Sider at Evangelicals for Social Action [Well-known evangelical social action advocate]

The Simple Way [urban poor, community living]

Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church (African-American, 5,000 attendance - people wait for an hour to get in. It is that good.)

Tenth Presbyterian Church [megachurch, PCA]

Aaron Messner (Minister of Preaching of 10th Pres). Historically famous church of Barnhouse and Boice in Philadelphia.

Dan SteinfieldDelaware County Christian School and Camp Teekna [huge suburban Christian school, and growing summer camp ministry]

Willowdale Chapel Greg Lafferty [Non-denom, medium-size; former jr. high pastor at Saddleback]

The Garage [Junior High Ministry, Community outreach to youth - especially Hispanic mushroom factory workers' children]

Andy Crouch [Christianity Today writer]

Westminster Theological Seminary [PCA - influenced independent seminary]

Manny Ortiz and Susan Baker at Westminster Theological Seminary - urban ministry experience

UrbanPromise with Bruce Main in Camden, NJ [urban ministry to youth, inner-city school]

Eastern University Tony Campolo EAPE - well known speaker

Scott and Fairlight Collins-Jones of Woodland Presbyterian Church [emergent, PCUSA, medium-size]

Other ministries in Philadelphia which we would have liked to visit:
BuildaBridge International
Campus Crusade Philly Metro- Home
Circle Of Hope Home Page
Covenant Fellowship Church- Welcome
Eastern University Duffy Robbins
Greater Exodus Baptist Church, Online.
Lutheran Settlement House
Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen
Project H.O.M.E.
The Well - Feasterville, PA