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How I created the header for my blog

Why I redesigned my blog

I added the explanations to the right about how to use this blog after talking with various people who are new to blogging and therefore gave me the honest "the emperor has no clothes" feedback that

a) they thought my old Blogger site looked better and was simpler and less busy and

b) that they had no idea what a blog was for and that all the features are confusing.  What the heck are categories?  Andy_practice

Therefore I tried to make sure there is more "white space" and tried to think "less is more" in designing.  One thing I got rid of was the second picture of me on the same page.  (See below middle snapshot).  My wife thought it was definitely too much and when your wife says that . . .   :-)  She hasn't looked at the new site and I'm not holding my breath.  I think she has read under 5 posts ever.  She is interested in the subject matter.  (She has her MDiv, has pastored, and also teaches Christian ministry at Taylor).  She simply would rather talk to live human beings than read blogs.  Can you believe that?  :-) 

Here are printscreen ("prt sc") snapshots of the the three versions: old, initial typepad, present.  First_move_thyself_snapshot New_blog_1 Church_leadership_conversations_snapshot_1