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Switching to Typepad from Blogger

I did a 30 day trial blog at Typepad tonight. Here is the experimental blogsite:

I'm thinking about moving to TypePad from Blogger because I am sick of having trouble posting photos on Blogger. I'm also sick of not having categories in Blogger.

Most people I know who are serious bloggers are on TypePad though $89.50 (annual) for the middle version of TypePad is a lot considering Blogger is free. I may cancel before August 7.

My first impressions:
1. Blogger still looks better. Though there are a lot of things you can do to customize the appearance of TypePad, the initial styles are not that impressive. Still, there is a lot of room to customize the appearance such as adding a photo to your header. (You can do these things in blogger as well but you have to do in HTML language).
2. TypePad is very easy to use and the features are great. I love being able to post files (audio or PDF, etc.)
3. You can also customize your links, etc. very easily. Again, you can do this in Blogger but it is all with HTML. I'm actually quite blown away by the ease and number of features with TypePad.

Here is an article that summarizes blogging from PC World. Then here they rate the various blog providers.

Here is a formal study of various blog providers from the Online Journalism Review.

Note: July 7 11:00 pm.

My latest idea is to move toward a free account at

I would appreciate your feedback if you have any.

Note July 18, 2006.  I decided to make the switch. 

My blog has moved here to

This blog content from my Blogger blog First Move Thyself has been moved over here.

I switched over to TypePad even though you have to pay for it because of the categories, more design options, less hassle posting photos, the ability to post files and audio files, and for their domain hosting.

Blogger is a great place to start for free. I would recommend it.

Update August 15, 2006:
Blogger is going to add features!  See my blog post about that here.  Perhaps Blogger will be the best bet.