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Blogger is getting new features

I just wanted people to know that Blogger is getting new features.  They just announced this yesterday.  See Blogger Buzz: Blogger in Beta.  So if you are thinking about switching from Blogger, don't do it yet.  If you are thinking of starting a new blog, do it with Blogger. 

I switched from Blogger to TypePad for some of the features Blogger will now have!  (See my post here about that).  It seems Blogger will still be free and the version of TypePad I have costs $80 per year.  Blogger is owned by Google which is a pretty solid company to put your bets on.   

If you are interested in learning more about how I blog on TypePad, click the category "Blogging."  I try to keep the conversation mostly about Church Leadership but I do digress to explain a bit about blogging from time to time.