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Why and how I got (my own domain name)

From now on I am going to be telling people to go to for my blog rather than though they will both actually point to the same webpage.  For example, I will have on my email signature. 

Why I got my own domain name:

  1. I think the advantage is that I will be able to keep for as long as I keep paying for it.   I can change blog platforms or website providers and I can take wherever I go.  For example, if I get tired of TypePad, I can just move to another blog provider. 
  2. It is also easy to remember for people: 
  3. I found a couple of people who are using .net after their name ( or so I thought I would do that too.  ( was already taken by an investigative journalist who has written a book). 
  4. I could have called gotten  But that seemed kind of long to me and I thought perhaps my interests might morph over the years. 
  5. I also thought this would be valuable experience.  For the next organization I'm involved in, I will know how to get our own website name.
  6. Sorry if this seems egotistical to have my own website named after me.  I was driven to this because I had an old blog with a name even I couldn't remember: and there are a lot of other annoying, distracting, obscure, confusing, "cute," "clever," names for blogs out there.  See my list of blogs I check for a sampling.  I don't mind the names but I hate it when I have to look more than 2 seconds for the name of the author once I get to the site.   

How I got

I bought the domain name from I was sorry to use GoDaddy for my business because of their tasteless SuperBowl ads but TypePad has directions on how to set up a domain with them.  (For you TypePad users see: Domain Mapping with GoDaddy)  I felt like registering a domain was trying something "really technical" so I went with the most popular provider. 

Here is what I paid for at GoDaddy:

12001-1 .NET Domain Name Registration - 1 Year                $8.99 + $.25  = $9.24

7001-1 Private Registration Services - 1 Year                                        = $4.99


Total (US Dollars):                                                                             $14.23

This is a $14 experiment I suppose.

Note about too much blogging about blogging:
I admit I have had a number of recent posts about blogging.  It is really annoying when bloggers blog about blogging all the time.  But I'm trying to help people who are new to blogging by sharing the tricks I've learned.  It may save someone some pain and frustration.  Click on my category "Blogging" to the right to get all of my posts where I have talked about the tools I use for blogging.  Thanks for bearing with me.  I'm aware that in general I want to talk about church leadership on this blog.