The List of Church Leadership Blogs I Subscribe To
How I added a Google Search to My Blog

How I Keep Up Reading Blogs

If you areFeeds  new to reading blogs, I will tell you more about why you might want to use a RSS_aggregator like NewsGator Online (Free version).

[Update: March 2008, I use Google Reader now]. 

Summary of what NewsGator does for me:

In the previous post I placed all the 44 church leadership blogs that I am currently "subscribed to."   You can scroll through them and see what's of interest to you. But there is an easier way.  I check my NewsGator Online (Free version) website each day and it gives me the headlines of all the new posts.  You can save stuff to read later in your "clippings."  After scanning them, I click "read all posts" so that only new ones show up next time.  Newsgator works well.  I recommend it.  It takes a few minutes to get set up but it is worth it once you start using it. 

Story of how I came to use NewsGator:

When I was first blogging, I went through and searched for like-minded blogs.  I looked on other people's blog rolls, etc.  I saved them all in a folder in my favorites.  Then I would browse through them once a month and see if there was anything of interest.  But I would end up re-reading things that I had already read.  And some people would not have posted anything new.  And sometimes the conversation was already over by the time I read the post.  A couple times, authors offered free books to the first people who would email so-and-so.  Well, I always missed that.

That is the great thing about having something like NewsGator.  (I'm happy to have other people recommend their newsreader if they recommend it).  Here is Wikipedia's explanation of what an aggregator is and here is a list of all of them available. 

Basically, with NewsGator, you just go and search for the blogs that you want to subscribe to.  So you put in "Jesus Creed" and Scot McKnight's Jesus Creed blog appears and you click "Subscribe."  Or you can simply paste in the URL (web address) of the blog and NewsGator finds the feed for it and subscribes you.  You can always unsubscribe.  Then whenever you open your NewsGator webpage, it will tell you the headlines of all the posts since you last checked it.

I recommend picking a few blogs and trying it.   

Note: I had subscribed to a bunch of news sites like CNN, NY Times, Fortune Magazine, etc. but they have too many posts each day so I decided not to subscribe to them.