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The best church humor I've seen is at Marc Heinrich's Purgatorio photo blog

Everyone must visit Purgatario: a panoply of evangelical eccentricities, un-orthodox oddities & christian cultural curiosities for some laughs at silliness in Christianity.  Purgatario is the blog of Marc Heinrich who attends John Piper's church.   He pokes fun at lots of things in evangelicalism and isn't mean-spirited.

Here are some of my favorites:

  1. The Emerging Church critique entitled You Might Be Emerging If… is excellently done.  Under his criteria, I am quite emerging.
  2. Denominational Hijinx - regarding the Southern Baptist resolution on alcohol. 
  3. Divine Vinyl: God is for Real, Man - paraphrase of Scripture from the 60's.
  4. My favorite is Now, I’ve Seen it All… I paged back through Purgatario from the present to May 24, 2006.  The cumulative effect is what makes this last one so funny I think.

I was directed to the site by the "Blogs we're watching" at Leadership Journal's Out of Ur blog.

The Wittenburg Door is the classic place to find biting Christian satire.  They also have a number of sites they recommend here.

There are also some cartoons at Christianity Today's

Current political cartoons can be found at MSNBC's Daryl Cagle's site.