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How I Keep Up Reading Blogs

The List of Church Leadership Blogs I Subscribe To

Below I have put the church leaBlogrolldership blogs that I currently "subscribe to."  I check my NewsGator Online (Free version) website each day and it gives me the headlines of all the new posts.   

If you are new to reading blogs, I will tell you more about why you might want to use a RSS_aggregator like NewsGator in the next post. 

I have not put many blogs on my permanent blogroll on the side of this page (only the firmly established Andrew Jones, Scot McKnight, and Out of Ur) because the blogs vary so much in quality and frequency but I thought I would share all of them here.  Some of the people I know personally, some I don't.  I have put a few quick notes below.      

I would be happy to hear your recommendations on others I/we should check out. 

Aaron Flores - theVoiz
Andrew Jones - TallSkinnyKiwi - emerging church leading blogger in New Zealand I think
Andy Rowell - Church Leadership Conversations - Me!
B.J. Woodworth - what's your wood worth? - I know BJ from Pittsburgh with Senior Capstone Trip.  He is a church planting pastor of an emerging church. 
Ben Witherington - NT Scholar at Asbury. 
Bill Arnold- Poet in Motion; image sound theology
Bill Kinnon - achievable leadership
Bob Robinson - Vanguard Church
Brian McLaren - well known author of a New Kind of Christian and A Generous Orthodoxy and an emerging church movement spokesman
Byron K. Borger - Hearts & Minds BookNotes - I know Byron from Senior Capstone Trip.  He is the owner of a great bookstore.  This is a great blog about books. 
C. Wes Daniels - gathering in light - Ph.D. student at Fuller under Ryan Bolger.  See Ryan's blog below. 
Chris Monroe - Paradoxology
Christianity Today at the Movies: Reviews
Christianity Today Magazine
Church Marketing Sucks - trying to improve church marketing but pointing out that much of it is typically not good.
Dan Kimball - Vintage Faith - author of Emerging Church and Emerging Worship
David Fitch - the great giveaway - author of new book The Great Giveaway
Doug Pagitt’s Blog - Emerging Church movement high profile person and author of Preaching Re-Imagined. 
Ed Cyzewski - inamirrordimly
Ed Young resources - CreativePastors - influential gigachurch pastor from Texas
Gavin Richardson - Hit the Back Button to Move Fwd
Generous Orthodoxy ThinkTank
Harvard Business School Working Knowledge
J.R. Briggs - brokenstainedglass - friend from Taylor University who is a young adult pastor at a megachurch in the Philadelphia area.  He has also written a book. 
Jim Plueddemann - The Missionary Iconoclast - professor of missions at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
John Mark Rutter - Theological Ruminator - new pastor
Kem Meyer on Less Clutter & Noise - she has Granger Community Church connections.  I think she is an employee there. 
Kirk Bartha - from theocity to lovelocity - friend from Regent College who is a prophet, pray-er and preacher. 
Lauren Winner - superb author and infrequent blogger
Leadership Blog: Out of Ur

Leadership journal and resources for church leaders
Mark Waltz | ...because People Matter - author and a pastor at Granger Community Church
Michael Bird and Joel Willitts- Euangelion - New Testament scholar in Scotland and NT scholar at North Park University in Chicago
nextwave News
Rick Warren - wrote a couple of books
Ryan Bolger - TheBolgBlog - professor at Fuller Theological Seminary and author of Emerging Churches
Scot McKnight - Jesus Creed - professor of New Testament at North Park and prolific author
Scott Collins-Jones - SCJToday - I know Scot from Senior Capstone Trip in Philadelphia.  He is a Ph.D. student at Princeton Theological Seminary in theology and a PCUSA pastor in Philadelphia. 
Steve Taylor - e~mergent kiwi - author of Out of Bounds Church and lives in New Zealand
Tim Stevens - LeadingSmart - author and a pastor at Granger Community Church
Tony Jones - Theoblogy - author and Emergent Village coordinator
Tony Morgan | one of the simply strategic guys - author and a pastor at Granger Community Church