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Excellent LA Times article on why Chuck Smith, Jr. has moved away from his father's Calvary Chapel movement

Update February 18, 2007: Check out this series of article in Christianity Today on Calvary Chapel.   

Original post:

I enjoyed learning more about Chuck Smith, Sr., founder of the Calvary Chapel fellowship of churches, and his son Chuck Smith, Jr. in this excellent LA Times article.


Father, Son and Holy Rift: For Pastor Chuck Smith, the big issues are undebatable. For Chuck Smith Jr., also a pastor, it's not so crystal clear. Something had to give.

By Christopher Goffard, Times Staff Writer
September 2, 2006


Summary:  Chuck, Jr. was asked to sever ties with the Calvary Chapel fellowship of churches because he has become less of a fundamentalist.  Father and son still have a good relationship with one another.

All the bloggers I have read feel the article is quite well done and fair with both sides.   

The wikipedia article on Calvary Chapel gives good background on the movement. 

If you know someone who attends a Calvary Chapel or you attend one, this is must reading.