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Excellent LA Times article on why Chuck Smith, Jr. has moved away from his father's Calvary Chapel movement

I've updated my list of the Best Bible Study Tools on the Web

I have updated my post entitled:

The Best Bible Study Tools on the Web

The biggest news is that is better than ever.  They now have the TNIV (2005), ESV (2001), NLT (second edition which few know exists, 2004), NASB (the update, 1995), HCSB (2003), The Message (2002), CEV (1995), and the NIrV (which all children's ministry people should be using, 1998).   You can lookBiblegateway up five versions of a passage at a time.  Not bad for free. 

I also tell you where to find the NRSV, what commentaries are available on the net for free, where to get photos of the Holy Land, etc.  Check out that post.