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Audio of my wife Amy Rowell preaching on suffering in Taylor University Chapel

My wife, Amy Rowell, spoke in chapel Wednesday at Taylor University.  I introduced her.  FamilyAmy has her Masters of Divinity degree from Regent College in Vancouver, BC and has served on church staff in a number of capacities including pastoral care, children's ministry, adult education, women's ministry and preaching.  Like me, she is serving as a professor of Christian Educational Ministries at Taylor.  She and I share one full-time position and take turns hanging out with our one-year-old Ryan. 

The text she chose was Mark 5:21-43 which includes the healing of the bleeding woman and the daughter of Jairus.  Through expositorily preaching this narrative, she outlines a realistic and robust theology of suffering.  She specifically reflects on the untimely death of her mother in April.  She had three main points.  Here is my paraphrasing of them:  (1) Jesus is compassionate and has the power to heal.  (2) Sometimes Jesus doesn't heal at the time we'd like.  (The daughter of Jairus died when Jesus stopped to heal the bleeding woman).  (3) But Jesus walks with us on the road and heals when we eventually arrive home. 

The mp3 and streaming audio are available at Taylor's website here.  Sadly, the video folks had the day off so didn't get her filmed.

This is a photo of us after a wedding in August 2006.