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Bonhoeffer and the Emerging Church: Ph.D. Application Paper

Update January 31, 2007.
I have posted below the revised paper.
Update December 31, 2006
I have posted below the revised paper.You are still welcome to give me feedback for later deadlines though the immediate deadline is passed.
Original post December 23, 2006
It is crunch time now and I'm getting my application materials ready for Princeton, Luther, Fuller and Emory in about a week.  EmergingchurchDuke is a month later.  See my quick update about the Ph.D. here.
I would love it if any of you wanted to read my paper and give it some feedback.   
The paper is about Bonhoeffer and the Emerging Church movement.  I think it is worthwhile stuff but I would appreciate your advice about things to change.  Not academic enough?  Work on the writing? Focus more? 
I have attached it below. 

Download bonhoeffer_and_emerging_church.doc

Download bonhoeffer_and_emerging_church.pdf

Thanks so much.  Thanks for your prayers.  I hope you are well.  Merry Christmas.