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Moving, Summer Schedule and New Email Address

June 3, 2007 (See updates to this post farther down in the post). 

Dear All,

Sorry for not blogging much recently but we are busy preparing to move from Upland, Indiana to Duke, North Carolina.  I am going to be doing my Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) at Duke Divinity School.   The full update about that is at my post Starting Doctor of Theology (Th.D) at Duke Divinity School in the fall


Here is our upcoming schedule if you want to keep track of us or meet up with us. 

  • June 5-7 Wheaton, Illinois. Visiting my parents
  • June 13 Upland, Indiana. Packing the PODS moving container.
  • June 14-17 Traverse City, Michigan. Wedding for Deepak Prabhaker and Corinne Fosdick.  I am giving homily.  Deepak is a high school friend of mine. 
  • June 17 Grandville, Michigan.  Amy and I are attending church at Rob Bell's Mars Hill Bible Church on Sunday at 11:00. 
  • June 18 Drive to Durham, North Carolina. 
  • June 19-21.  Paint inside of house. 
  • June 23.  Move stuff in to house. 
  • July-August.  Teach myself to read German to pass language exam in the fall if possible.  I haven't been able to find anyone yet to study with me. 

New email address

I have also updated my email address.  My primary address will be andy.rowell@ (There is no space).  I don't plan on ever posting that one on the web in its entirety to try to keep away the spam.  I have another one listed on this website rowell.andy@  That one will be forwarded to the main account.      

I also have a Duke email address but since it is limited to 100 MB and gmail gives you 2860 MB I am just going to go with the gmail one.  If you are curious, it is andy.rowell@ (there is no space) - that will also be forwarded to the main account.  Perhaps if I am writing any serious proposals, I will use the duke address but the practical aspects of the gmail one are strong!

I can send you a gmail invitation so you can get gmail if you email me and ask. LATER NOTE: Anyone can now sign up for gmail.  No invitations are needed. 

My wife Amy's new email address is rowell.amy@ (no spaces).  Her website is

I used How to Import Archived Outlook Email Into GMail Using GML - wikiHow to import our Taylor University email messages into gmail.

I will blog again soon.  Until then, there are lots of other good things to read and listen to.  See my:

The Best Blogs for Church Leaders to Read

Best Podcasts for Church Leaders

I have also been reading Christianity Today's new LiveBlog

Grace and peace, 


Update July 9, 2007:

We have arrived in Durham and are getting settled.  The photo below was taken July 1st in front of Duke Chapel. 


Update July 19, 2007


I have finished 10 of the 30 days of German Quickly: A Grammar for Reading German by April Wilson.  I have made and used German Quickly flashcards on Flashcard Exchange.  (You can use them online for free or pay $20 for a lifetime membership for access to printing them.  I used this site when I studied for the GRE last year.  See my post about the GRE here).   

July 21, 2007

Email update

I send out an email yesterday to friends and family with our new phone numbers and address.  If I didn't email you and you are a friend, I don't have your email address!

Here is the quick update I sent to people:
  • I am starting my Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) degree this fall at Duke Divinity School. 
  • We thoroughly enjoyed serving as professors of Christian ministry at Taylor University the last two years.
  • We have purchased our first home and have moved to Durham, NC.   
  • Amy is due to have Baby #2 September 27th.  It's a boy. 
  • Ryan turned 2 in April and is doing well. 
  • It will probably take me about five years to finish the program. 
  • Amy is hoping eventually to work part-time in pastoral ministry at a church.