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My first papers: Critical Reflections on Practical Theology texts

I thought I would post some initial papers I have been writing for one of my classes

I had the late Stanley Grenz for Pastoral Ethics and Systematic Theology C while I was at Regent College.  For Grenz's Systematic Theology C course, we needed to take a stand on a number of controversial issues.  We wrote papers on the role of the Holy Spirit for today, the marks of the church, and an aspect of eschatology.  He would say, "Turn your paper in on time.  This is not your final word for all time on the subject.  All of our writing is provisional.  What you turn in will be your opinion on that day based on the time you were able to put in toward looking at this issue."   

So here are my initial papers.  They are what they are.  They are three page papers which were the best I could do with the time that I had on the day they were due.  I have given you the amazon link to the book my paper critically reflects on and then a link to the pdf document of the paper I wrote. 

Th.D. Seminar: Explorations in Practical Theology with Mary McClintock Fulkerson and Richard Lischer.

Download at_this_time_in_this_place review and my notes.pdf

Download practicing_our_faith three page paper on forgiveness.pdf

Download Theologia paper about Th.D. program and Review.pdf

One of my collegues in the Th.D. program Sameer Yadav also blogged about this book. 

Download after_virtue_alasdair_macintyre_paper.pdf   

Download fundamental_practical_theology.pdf