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Frank Rich of the New York Times wrongly says that Christianity Today affirms Oprah's Spirituality

The number one article right now on the New York Times website is

Frank Rich: Latter-Day Republicans vs. the Church of Oprah

Frank Rich misleadingly quotes Christianity Today, implying that the great evangelical magazine supports Oprah's religious beliefs. 

He writes,

Five years ago, Christianity Today, the evangelical journal founded by Billy Graham, approvingly described Oprah as “an icon of church-free spirituality” whose convictions “cannot simply be dismissed as superficial civil religion or so much New Age psychobabble.”

Rich totally cites these phrases out of their context.  In fact, the Christianity Today article graciously but firmly cites a number of things that are very problematic about  Oprah's spirituality.  Here is one of the final lines in the Christianity Today article,

"What the Oprah phenomenon . . . shows . . .is that this brand of spirituality is ultimately unsatisfying."

Here is the link to the Christianity Today story:

Oprah viewers and all Christians should read the Christianity Today article.  While Oprah is a great person, Christians need to realize her advice is not necessarily Christian advice and viewers should think more critically before accepting her brand of spirituality. 

I am appalled that Christianity Today was misquoted in an article that thousands of people are reading.  No doubt most of them will not realize that Christianity Today is being misquoted.  I commend Frank Rich for providing the link to the original Christianity Today story in his article so that people can easily find out how badly he misconstrued it.

Tangential comment:
I am not saying that Barack Obama's religious faith is likewise a problem.  He seems to be a serious Christian.  I have put below in bullets a few stories about his faith.  I am not saying I support Obama.  I am going to refrain from citing my opinions on presidential politics.

Below are a few links to articles about Obama's faith.  It differs from Oprah's.