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Top grades for pastors on Twitter

Shawn Wood put a list of the Top 15 twittering pastors according to grader…

I didn't know that there was such thing as a "Twitter grader" until now:  See

The Twitter Grade measures the relative power of a Twitter user. It is calculated as a percentile score. A grade of 66 means that the user scores higher than 66 percent of the other user profiles that have been graded.

  • The number of followers you have
  • The power of this network of followers
  • The pace of your updates
  • The completeness of your profile
  • ...a few others
  • I thought I would recommend the following people in addition to Shawn's list before I saw the grading system.  Later I added their Twitter grades.  His top 15 are graded between 99.8 and 97.5.

    Other nominees in addition to Shawn Wood's list who are pastors:

    Perry Noble, pastor at NewSpring in SC 99.9

    Tony Morgan, at Perry Noble’s church NewSpring 99.9

    Doug Pagitt, emerging church writer and pastor of Solomon’s Porch in Minn. 98.3

    Mark Driscoll, Reformed writer and pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle 96.1

    Dan Kimball, evangelical writer and leader of Vintage Faith Church in Calif. 90

    Though, I would mention that few pastors actually Twitter much about church leadership issues. You can get more of that from their blogs and books.

    I would also nominate some people who write on church leadership issues but are theologians and writers rather than pastors:

    Donald Miller, writer 99.6

    Cameron Strang, Relevant Magazine editor 99.1

    Ed Stetzer, writer 97.7

    Tony Jones, writer 97.4

    Andy Crouch, writer 96.4

    Len Sweet, professor and writer 98.9

    Andrew Jones, blogger 98.5

    Frank Viola, writer 91

    Bill Easum, writer and consultant 84

    Leadership Journal’s Out of Ur blog 83

    My Twitter grade is 66. 

    See who I follow at:

    Again, I would not look for that much help about pastoring from Twitter. Again, look to their blogs and books for their real meat. Probably Sweet gives the most quality content on Twitter.

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