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Eight important theological books for me

I decided to list in the right column of my blog eight important theological books that have been influential on me.  They have in common a high view of Scripture and the church.  I had Gordon Fee, Richard Hays, and Eugene Peterson as professors.  I read Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Lesslie Newbigin, Miroslav Volf, N.T. Wright, and John Howard Yoder at both Regent College and Duke Divinity School. Five of the eight authors are listed among the top 100 books of 20th century by Christianity Today (Bonhoeffer, Hays, Newbigin, Volf, and Yoder).  Hays, Volf and Wright were featured in a February 8, 1999 (almost exactly 10 years ago) Christianity Today article: New Theologians: These top scholars are believers who want to speak to the church by Tim Stafford, which was very inspiring for me.   

Important theological books to me