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Dear People who watch my Blog,

I have been using Twitter since August to write down micro-blog posts.  I have tried to keep them around the theme of church leadership like my blog.  Each “tweet” is only 140 characters.  I try to provide something of value and not just tell you what I had for breakfast.  Anyway, I just thought I would post the last 20 here as a sampler platter. See below.

Twitter user advice: 

You can see my Twitter category for my past thoughts on Twitter.  I used to think it was really narcissistic but I now think it is not that much more narcissistic than writing blogs, doing Facebook, writing articles, writing books and striking up a conversation with someone.  In each case, you have something to say and you hope the interaction might be edifying to someone so you put it out there.    

Last 20 Twitter posts ("Tweets"):

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  1. 2 of 2 part tweet: Hauerwas: "Yes those things. But he [Willimon] has people mad at him--he is doing a good job!"2 minutes ago from web

  2. 1 of 2 part tweet: Hauerwas thinks Willimon is doing a good job as bishop. I said, "But he is focusing on leadership and effectiveness!"4 minutes ago from web

  3. I have been thinking about our children learning more from our example and values than our parenting style. That gets you thinking.8 minutes ago from web

  4. Hauerwas told me a dissertation on church practices with Yoder & Newbigin or a 1 Corinthians theological commentary could work. He's kind.9 minutes ago from web

  5. What do I mean that Hybels and Hauerwas are not that far apart? Read Resident Aliens coauthor Will Willimon's blog PM Mar 10th from web

  6. Someday maybe I will write a book on Eugene Peterson and get to pore over all his work in the process.11:43 PM Mar 10th from web

  7. My prof Hauerwas called Hybels & Willow Creek heretical at the end of That's too bad--they are not that far apart.11:42 PM Mar 10th from web

  8. William Stringfellow was mentioned by Eugene Peterson, Ken Carder, Ben Myers and Halden Doerge this week. Seems like a guy I should read.11:32 PM Mar 10th from web

  9. Andy is reading a lot of Karl Barth and D. Bonhoeffer these days. See also a few funny quotes by our kids at PM Mar 10th from web

  10. I did a long new blog post Advice about Duke Th.D. and Ph.D programs in theology answering FAQ's I get.8:01 AM Mar 7th from web

  11. Comparing Stanley Hauerwas and Stanley Grenz PM Mar 4th from web

  12. Today in Local Church in Mission we are watching portions of ABC 20/20 on Appalachia AM Mar 4th from web

  13. Snow day--no school at Duke--high today of 33 but Friday high of 67 forecast.8:14 AM Mar 2nd from web

  14. Bonhoeffer ponders Romans 9:1f. Paul is willing to be damned for the sake of his people. He loves God that much (Sanctorum Communio 184-5).11:35 PM Feb 27th from web

  15. Reading Bonhoeffer's dissertation Sanctorum Communio on ecclesiology. A tough read; ideas also in Life Together.11:21 PM Feb 27th from web

  16. "Nielsen’s . . . reports that the average American watches more than 151 hours of TV per month, an all-time high." PM Feb 25th from web

  17. Nielsen gives the latest stats about TV watching. No sign of decline. PM Feb 25th from web

  18. My review of book "No Perfect People Allowed" by John Burke. Stories about church where outsiders find Jesus. PM Feb 25th from web

  19. Obama's style: "on the one hand . . . on the other hand." I think that is generation X (a tad relativistic), professorial, & collaborative.8:54 PM Feb 25th from web

  20. Best line from Ash Wednesday service: Allan Poole on distractions that impede our relationship with Jesus, "What do you like the taste of?"8:44 PM Feb 25th from web