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Speaking, pastoring, theological German, church stats, and Bonhoeffer: recent Twitter micro-blog posts

I have been using Twitter since August to write down micro-blog posts.  I have tried to keep them around the theme of church leadership like my blog.  Each “tweet” is only 140 characters.  I try to provide something of value and not just tell you what I had for breakfast.  Anyway, I just thought I would post the last 67 here so you can see what has been on my mind the last two months.

The most recent tweets (June 25) are at the top.

  1. TED talks are great http://www.ted.com/ Here is the advice they give their speakers: The TED Commandments http://bit.ly/2CtU7h H/T @ahc 1 minute ago from bit.ly

  2. The Top Ten Ways to Ruin Young Pastors by my fellow Taylor University grad @jimvining http://bit.ly/15FbNn is very good. H/T TU's @jr_briggs 11:09 AM Jun 24th from web

  3. Oct 7-9 http://www.catalystconferen... Oct 7-9 http://youngpastorsnetwork.org Oct 8-10 http://www.thefund.org/conf...  10:36 AM Jun 24th from bit.ly

  4. I have revised my post: "How to Learn to Read Theological German" http://bit.ly/XYtaz 9:35 PM Jun 23rd from bit.ly

  5. A very thorough obituary of Fuller Seminary theologian Ray S. Anderson (1925-2009) by Christian D. Kettler http://bit.ly/S3sCD 1:39 PM Jun 23rd from web. Additional note: Now Fuller also has an announcement: http://fuller.edu/news-and-events/news/anderson-passing.aspx

  6. I posted more German translation practice from Barth's Church Dogmatics (§ 33, 47, 50, 59, Fragment). http://bit.ly/YzjGT 7:12 PM Jun 22nd from bit.ly

  7. Dr. Ray Anderson, practical theologian at Fuller Theological Seminary, passed away yesterday. H/T @jasonclark @drjohnjackson 3:30 PM Jun 22nd from web

  8. I have posted 2 pages of German from Barth's Church Dogmatics § 62 that I practiced translating, plus the Eng. trans. http://bit.ly/VtIkH 4:50 PM Jun 21st from bit.ly

  9. Wonderful review by bookstore owner Byron Borger of "The Girl in the Orange Dress" by of our friend @MargotStarbuck http://bit.ly/5dlHX 1:44 PM Jun 21st from bit.ly

  10. Audio MP3 from ICA event Slavoj Žižek with John Milbank http://bit.ly/lbXZ5 @PeterRollins @sivinkit H/T http://bit.ly/KzR5j 1:48 PM Jun 20th from bit.ly

  11. I recommend Gran Torino named by @CTMovies #3 Most Redeeming Film of 2008 http://bit.ly/Jthst and #7 Critics' Choice http://bit.ly/CwohB 11:51 AM Jun 20th from bit.ly

  12. RT @ahc Veritas Forum, producer of terrific programs at major universities, is hiring regional directors: http://bit.ly/10vgML 9:08 AM Jun 20th from web

  13. RT @PeterRollins For a summary of the Zizek/Milbank exchange I was at, visit http://bit.ly/3wyxi7 9:05 AM Jun 20th from web

  14. I posted my Learning the Craft of Pastoring: Six Practices for Cultivating Excellence in Pastoral Ministry term paper http://bit.ly/MoT4g 10:03 AM Jun 18th from bit.ly

  15. RT @ERBks In other #Hauerwas related news, @ChristianBook has WITH THE GRAIN OF THE UNIVERSE for $0.99!! http://bit.ly/sflzI HT: @matthewjk 11:25 PM Jun 17th from web

  16. I sent off my last paper. 12 out of 12 courses done for my doctoral program. Yeah! Now German, Spanish, prelim exams and dissertation.6:28 PM Jun 17th from web

  17. Another important post today on my blog. Willow Creek's Reveal team begins suggesting principles of top churches http://bit.ly/M4RvL 4:14 PM Jun 16th from bit.ly

  18. See my rather significant new blogpost: Fourteen theories of church growth from seven research teams http://bit.ly/TNOpq 2:58 PM Jun 16th from bit.ly

  19. See @dooce for how the most popular mommy blogger http://dooce.com/ Heather Armstrong presents the birth of her second child on Twitter.9:07 AM Jun 16th from web

  20. Chaves, "51% [of congregations], with 59% of participants, do not allow women to be full-fledged senior clergy." p. 16 http://bit.ly/8tU0v 8:51 AM Jun 15th from web

  21. Mark Chaves, "Only 9% of congregations [in the U.S.] describe themselves as theologically liberal." p. 13 http://bit.ly/8tU0v 8:48 AM Jun 15th from web

  22. 65% of attenders of megachurches cite "senior pastor" as the most important factor that keeps them at the church. http://bit.ly/OFP61 p.18 8:44 AM Jun 15th from web

  23. Wheaton's W. Jay Wood's CT review of Dallas Willard's book http://bit.ly/15Iayx and Wood's book Epistemology http://bit.ly/12Tmnp are great.11:06 AM Jun 13th from bit.ly

  24. I think Benjamin Button could have been about grace in tragedy but the screenwriter thought it was "be yourself." http://bit.ly/167hze 1:41 PM Jun 11th from bit.ly

  25. I suggested Eugene Peterson's book Take and Read for ideas about "What to read? Literature and ecclesiology" http://bit.ly/AT5Tv 10:15 AM Jun 11th from bit.ly

  26. I revised my blog post: Two new reports: Thumma / Bird on Megachurches and Chaves on American Congregations http://bit.ly/wd3wo 1:13 PM Jun 10th from bit.ly

  27. See http://bit.ly/Tbe4R for MP3s from http://advance09.com/ in Durham, NC last week with @pastorjdgreear @JohnPiper @edstetzer @PastorMark 8:51 AM Jun 9th from bit.ly

  28. Son Ryan (4) notes that I look like Tim Keller and wonders whether Keller knows Madagascar zoo animals. See CT's http://tinyurl.com/otwy7v 7:23 PM Jun 8th from web

  29. I commented again about how pastors might want to talk to the media at Prof. John Stackhouse’s Weblog http://bit.ly/WCQwP 3:42 PM Jun 8th from bit.ly

  30. I commented that pastors usually don't want to talk to the media because they want to stick to the essentials in public. http://bit.ly/CewT3 12:30 PM Jun 8th from bit.ly

  31. Dear God, help me to finish this paper today. It will never be perfect and I have got to move on. Amen. (And my wife Amy says, "AMEN!") 9:20 AM Jun 6th from web

  32. In Christianity Today June issue, great work by Trevin Wax on Piper/Wright debate + Wood's review of Willard in my fav section TheCTReview.9:09 PM Jun 5th from web

  33. New report: Mark Chaves - National Congregations Study "American Congregations at the Beginning of the 21st Century" PDF http://bit.ly/8tU0v 10:13 AM Jun 4th from bit.ly

  34. God is most glorified in us when we are satisfied in him . . . while . . . on . . . Twitter @JohnPiper is tweeting. http://ow.ly/aPWv 5:27 PM Jun 3rd from web

  35. Microsoft Word changes "pastoring" to "pasturing." Right click "Add to dictionary."12:06 PM Jun 3rd from web

  36. Will discuss Alasdair MacIntyre's God, Philosophy, Universities (2009) http://bit.ly/SwLRu at July Ph.D./Th.D. Theology & Ethics colloquium11:31 AM Jun 3rd from bit.ly

  37. I have now listed my top 14 favorite blogs at http://bit.ly/19yFRm 7:46 AM Jun 3rd from web

  38. New blogpost: 60 Church Leadership Blogs and 140 Other Blogs I Subscribe To http://bit.ly/1Cf9C 5:40 PM Jun 2nd from bit.ly

  39. Free audio download of the month. Christ Plays in Ten-Thousand Places by Eugene H. Peterson christianaudio.com http://bit.ly/eNuaE 11:03 PM Jun 1st from web

  40. New post at my blog: I would welcome your advice on refining my draft outline for my Theology of Pastoral Ministry paper http://bit.ly/BUGND 10:52 PM Jun 1st from web

  41. I'm going to Duke Divinity School to study and say hello to friends at Shaping the Beloved Community "Summer Institute" http://bit.ly/TCIhP 9:32 AM Jun 1st from web

  42. Harvard Ph.D's in OT Peter Enns and Bruce Waltke interact re: tensions in the Bible. http://bit.ly/OC4xN I had Waltke at Regent College.9:01 AM Jun 1st from web

  43. For Teenagers, Hello Means ‘How About a Hug?’ - NYTimes.com http://bit.ly/427f0A Apparently hugging is now cool.12:36 PM May 28th from bit.ly

  44. I have posted my Bonhoeffer paper on my blog in case anyone wants to help me proofread it before I turn it in. http://bit.ly/RN4NR 2:34 AM May 28th from bit.ly

  45. Must finish Bonhoeffer paper for Hauerwas today. Must write . . . must write . . . must write . . .10:25 AM May 27th from web

  46. See post Silicon Alley Insider: The Twitter Founders' Favorite Tweets http://bit.ly/c38rQ for a few smiles.10:20 AM May 27th from bit.ly

  47. I commented on Between Two Worlds: Bonhoeffer on the Difference Between the Counsel of Psychology and Christianity http://bit.ly/6F687 9:48 AM May 26th from bit.ly

  48. Fascinating engagement with issues in OT scholarship in Duke prof Stephen Chapman's review of Kenton Sparks's book http://bit.ly/pqjWP 12:10 AM May 16th from web

  49. No New Testament scholar embraces the label "New Perspective on Paul" or "traditional Lutheran"-everyone wants to draw insights from both.1:40 PM May 14th from web

  50. A lot of theologians, in their zeal to see the church be more faithful to Jesus Christ, despair and throw church out with the bath water.1:21 PM May 14th from web

  51. "The Visible Church-Community" chapter 11 in Discipleship is my new favorite piece by Bonhoeffer. If you want to love the church, read it.10:10 PM May 12th from web

  52. I commented on both of Will Willimon's posts "Advice for New Pastors" Part 1 http://bit.ly/14KkIg and Part 2 http://bit.ly/UU5pS 3:06 PM May 12th from web

  53. RT @ahc Michael Gerson summarizes Robert Putnam et al.'s upcoming book on American religion and community. Fascinating. http://bit.ly/7SrHg 12:38 PM May 11th from web

  54. Kevin Vanhoozer moving from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School to Wheaton College. Great interview with him. http://bit.ly/10qrxE 12:26 PM May 11th from web

  55. Of the 4 on Meet the Press with @davidgregory, I was most impressed with Afghanistan's Hamid Karzai. Opinions? Video: http://bit.ly/19QmEb 6:22 PM May 10th from web

  56. Fun article by Malcolm Gladwell about how unexpected acts can topple big opponents (in Old Testament and basketball). http://bit.ly/eQyOU 12:54 AM May 10th from web

  57. I've had to learn a lot about historical context of Barth and Bonhoeffer to understand their ecclesiologies. It was a complicated time.12:49 AM May 10th from web

  58. Amazed that you can read chapters for free online through Google Books. Bonhoeffer on preaching in Lischer's book. http://bit.ly/SQgYU 10:42 PM May 9th from web

  59. @cwillz Bonhoeffer wrote Discipleship in 1935-36 and Ethics in 1940-1943. March 1943 H. assassination attempts fail. In April, B. arrested.2:05 PM May 8th from web in reply to cwillz

  60. Twitter no longer using Tinyurl but rather Bit.ly See http://bit.ly/vuX5j 9:44 PM May 7th from web

  61. In Ethics, Bonhoeffer subtly describes why he thinks it is right to kill Hitler whereas some believe in Discipleship he is a total pacifist.9:31 PM May 7th from web

  62. Reading (Cost of) Discipleship by Bonhoeffer again http://bit.ly/1HZUlo This time asking how this fits with Ethics. http://bit.ly/k9cOx 9:23 PM May 7th from web

  63. I show you how to read Hauerwas on Hays free at http://bit.ly/11uSs5 2:39 PM May 7th from web

  64. I commented on Duke Ph.D. and Fuller prof Daniel Kirk's post about Gorman, evangelicals, and the Bible. http://tinyurl.com/cwddru 2:22 PM May 7th from web

  65. MacIntyre, "Aquinas summarizes the outcome of that [moral] enquiry so far, advances it one stage further, and leaves the way open" (TRV 74).10:04 PM May 5th from web

  66. In tonight's Theology and Ethics Colloquium we talked about Aquinas. Many at Duke love Aquinas--not as a system but conversation partner.10:03 PM May 5th from web

  67. New blogpost: My Th.D. program progress update http://tinyurl.com/cb5fok 1:33 AM May 4th from web