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October 2009

“Cardinal Yves Congar: Ecclesiologist and Ecumenist” with Paul Philibert and Gerard Austin

I thought I would post my notes from this fascinating discussion by some Roman Catholic theologians about the ecclesiology of Roman Catholic theologian Yves Congar (1904-1995). Based on their description of Congar, I would think many Protestants would appreciate him.... Read more →

Tim Keller on Willow Creek, ecclesiology, and preaching

I highly recommend New York City pastor Tim Keller's first two blog posts: The "Kingly" Willow Creek Conference He describes Willow Creek as "kingly", Reformed as "prophetic", and emerging as "priestly." I agreed with him--giving a couple lengthy comments--trying to... Read more →

Jim Whitehurst, President and CEO of Red Hat: Competing as a 21st century Enterprise among 20th century Giants

Today I'm attending the third day and last day of the Fuqua School of Business & Coach K Leadership Conference. I thought I would post my notes. Disclaimer. These are not exact transcription or exact quotes but rather just my... Read more →