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My Microsoft Publisher document with my blog banner and Twitter profile background

I just thought I would post my Microsoft Publisher document with my blog banner and Twitter profile background.

In other words, with the Publisher document above, you can make your own version of these:

My Twitter profile background:


and my blog banner


Many of you probably have Microsoft Publisher on your computers with Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.)  You could modify my document in Publisher and make your own. 

In Publisher, you have to learn to group and ungroup objects. 

1. You ungroup the objects. 

2. Then you make any changes. 

3. Then you hold down the shift key and select all of the objects that form your header and then click "Group."

4.  Then you right click and "Save as Picture." 

Twitter background photos have to be less than 700 KB (or 800 KB?) or Twitter will not upload them.  Mine is 657KB. 

You can change your Twitter background by going to Settings / Design / Change Background Image. 

I am no designer but I just thought I would share with you how I've muddled through. 

Another option that Michael Hyatt used is to pay a small fee for a template at tweetpages.com

I also like the twitter profile backgrounds of Tony Morgan and Kent Shaffer and Andy Crouch.