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Newbigin, U2, Keller, Moltmann and more: my 72 Twitter micro-blog posts from the last three months

I have been using Twitter to write down micro-blog posts.  I have tried to keep them around the theme of church leadership like my blog.  Each “tweet” is only 140 characters.  I try to provide something of value and not just tell you what I had for breakfast.  Anyway, I just thought I would post the last 72 here so you can see what has been on my mind the last three months.

The most recent tweets (Oct 3rd) are at the top.

  1. Good theologians also know: "First pride, then the crash—the bigger the ego, the harder the fall" (Proverbs 16:18 The Message translation).1:33 PM  Oct 3rd from web

  2. R.R. Reno puts Duke and Notre Dame at top of his 2009 Ranking of Graduate Programs in Theology at First Things @ROFTERS 12:40 PM Oct 3rd from

  3. @scotmcknight At Tim Keller's post, I tried to explain Willow Creek as Anabaptist and evangelistic--affirming Keller. 8:07 PM Oct 2nd from web

  4. Tim Keller: Willow Creek "kingly", Reformed "prophetic", emerging "priestly." I comment--agreeing. via @edstetzer 9:10 PM Oct 1st from

  5. Program Books: SBL American Academy of Religion Evangelical Theological Society 2:29 PM Oct 1st from

  6. The Nines Videos (75 9-minute-talks for church leaders) Now Online @leadnet 8:56 AM Oct 1st from

  7. A Fuller Ph.D. student @kyledbennett rants about grading papers and I give my two cents. 6:44 PM Sep 28th from web

  8. I commented on "Campus Ministry That’s Not for Every One" at John Stackhouse’s blog 10:12 AM Sep 28th from

  9. I commented on the definition of "exclusivism" at "Gospel Exclusivists" post at @scotmcknight blog 10:11 AM Sep 28th from

  10. Famous historian Philip Jenkins, Princeton Sem's Kenda Creasy Dean, and author Os Guinness will be at Duke Div Oct 5-7. 2:38 PM Sep 27th from web

  11. I have posted some Resources for Theological Reflection on U2 that I have been looking at 1:40 PM Sep 26th from

  12. I recommend the book by Luther Seminary prof Christian @Scharen on U2. It argues they are theologically sophisticated. 11:49 AM Sep 26th from web

  13. People from all over are coming here (Durham, NC) next weekend for an academic conference on U2. 11:39 AM Sep 26th from web

  14. Been reflecting on the column by the always provocative opinion columnist Maureen Dodd. It is indeed hard to be a woman. 5:23 PM Sep 25th from web

  15. http://www.outreachmagazine... 100 Largest Churches in America for 2009. See top 16 at @kentshaffer 9:37 AM Sep 25th from

  16. Moltmann, LaHaye and Packer are all 83. A list by me: Birthdates of Famous Living Pastors and Theologians 3:07 AM Sep 24th from

  17. You can get an email of daily News & Ideas from Duke Divinity's Faith & Leadership & encourage them to join Twitter :-) 10:59 AM Sep 23rd from

  18. Elder to young E. Peterson, "How about you let us learn how to run the church and we let you learn how to be a pastor?" 10:46 AM Sep 23rd from web

  19. Eugene Peterson "I took my appointments calendar and wrote in two-hour meetings with 'FD' three afternoons a week." 10:22 AM Sep 23rd from web

  20. Sound counsel on boundaries, family and time management by @JimMartin "The Pastor's Schedule" posted at @TheJesusCreed 10:16 AM Sep 23rd from

  21. I commented on the post by @DGShroyer on A Peacemaking Kingdom (Moltmann) vs. A Peaceable Kingdom (Hauerwas) 10:08 PM Sep 18th from

  22. I highly recommend NT Pod by Duke prof Mark Goodacre @goodacre It is brief, fun, and thought-provoking. 4:39 PM Sep 17th from web

  23. Tonight's guest at Duke New Testament / Judaic Studies Colloquium is retired Oxford prof Géza Vermes on History in the Dead Sea Scrolls. 4:35 PM Sep 17th from web

  24. A great piece by Andy Crouch @ahc on attending the U2 concert, Apple products, homogeneity, greatness, and humility. 3:31 PM Sep 17th from web

  25. I reviewed Lesslie Newbigin's 1956 primer Sin and Salvation 10:58 PM Sep 16th from

  26. I showed Newbigin class the 3 min YouTube gospel presentation by @jameschoung as we reflected on N's Sin and Salvation. 9:03 PM Sep 16th from web

  27. I voiced my preference for tweeters who tweet once every couple days at Skye Jethani's post "Why I Don’t Tweet… 7:01 AM Sep 16th from

  28. A Twitter testimonial: I passed my friend a job opening that I heard about on Twitter and he got the job. Yeah! 1:07 PM Sep 15th from web

  29. Rare books by one of my favorite theologians: John Howard Yoder (1927-1997) Catalog @ERBks 11:34 PM Sep 11th from

  30. Tonight and tomorrow we doctoral students from Duke and UVa are meeting to talk interdisciplinary approaches to "Canon and Pedagogy." 6:01 PM Sep 11th from web

  31. Great that cover art for The Word Leaps the Gap: Essays in Honor of Richard B. Hays is by Makoto Fujimura @iamfujimura 5:51 PM Sep 11th from

  32. Oct issue of Christianity Today @CTmagazine print edition debuts new format. See: http://www.christianitytoda... 5:28 PM Sep 11th from web

  33. This should get some chuckles regardless of where you stand. "The Top 10 Reasons Why Men Shouldn’t Be Ordained" 2:57 PM Sep 11th from

  34. I recommend the too little known blog http://praxishabitus.blogsp... by Davidson sociologist Gerardo Marti who tweets @praxishabitus 2:10 PM Sep 11th from web

  35. Free subscription to International Bulletin of Missionary Research for Students 3:48 PM Sep 10th from

  36. Leadership Network & Catalyst present "The Nines" today online. 9/9/09 9:09a.m.CDT Free.7:37 AM Sep 9th from web

  37. I reviewed Signs Amid the Rubble (a collection of lectures on mission) by Lesslie Newbigin 11:43 PM Sep 7th from

  38. See @kentshaffer 's new post based on a lot of research: The Top 100 most popular Church Blogs 12:18 PM Sep 6th from

  39. Geoffrey Wainwright on Constantianism, "It was Theodosius not Constantine who made Christianity the official state religion." 4:53 PM Sep 2nd from web

  40. The post "Translators Will Revise NIV in 2011" by @tedolsen at @CTmagazine has been revised and expanded 9:44 PM Sep 1st from

  41. I commented on this: Correcting the 'Mistakes' of TNIV, Translators Will Overhaul NIV | Liveblog | Christianity Today 1:47 PM Sep 1st from

  42. Moltmann on his early pastoral work in 1953-54, "My work as pastor was quite exciting, for I had hardly any practice." A Broad Place, p. 60. 12:07 AM Aug 29th from web

  43. Moltmann: 1st 3 theological mentors (1948-52) were "Barth-worshipers": Hans-Joachim Iwand, Ernst Wolf & Otto Weber. A Broad Place, p. 47. 11:57 PM Aug 28th from web

  44. Part 2 of 2-part-tweet . . . That is why anyone who was involved does not like to talk about it." Jürgen Moltmann, A Broad Place, 19. 11:28 PM Aug 28th from web

  45. Part 1 of 2-part-tweet: "War stories are not tales of adventure. They are stories about destruction and death . . . 11:27 PM Aug 28th from web

  46. During the next year, I am going to Catalyst Conference (Oct), ETS / SBL (Nov), Wheaton Theology Conference (Apr), and ASM / AETE (June). 10:33 AM Aug 28th from web

  47. I commented on Bonhoeffer's Life Together @scotmcknight & recommend Earl Palmer on B. @TheKindlings 9:31 AM Aug 28th from

  48. Today is the first day of class @DukeDivinity School. The courses offered this semester: http://www.divinity.duke.ed... 11:55 AM Aug 24th from web

  49. What do you recommend for Theological Spanish reading exam practice? 11:08 AM Aug 24th from web

  50. Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Feb 4, 1906 – Apr 9, 1945) and Lesslie Newbigin (Dec 8, 1909 – Jan 30, 1998). I wish Bonhoeffer had made it to 1990's. 10:39 PM Aug 22nd from web

  51. Newbigin (age 41) & Barth (age 64) worked together at WCC conferences in 1950-1952. In retirement after 1974, N. read B's Dogmatics. 10:28 PM Aug 22nd from web

  52. Newbigin like Karl Barth did not have an earned doctorate in theology. 10:26 PM Aug 22nd from web

  53. Newbigin wrote his 3 most significant works (Open, Foolishness, Gospel) after mandatory retirement from position of bishop at 65 in 1974. 10:15 PM Aug 22nd from web

  54. I recommend Lesslie Newbigin's Unfinished Agenda: An Updated Autobiography. Accessible and inspiring. See my post 4:21 PM Aug 21st from web

  55. Lots of talk today on Twitter and blogs about @JohnPiper 's blogpost The Tornado, the Lutherans, and Homosexuality 8:01 PM Aug 20th from

  56. RT @FaithTheology Fuller Seminary professor and Barth translator Geoffrey Bromiley has died 1915-2009 11:54 AM Aug 12th from web

  57. New blogpost: July / August Personal Update: leisure reading, preliminary exams preparation, and personal habits. 11:43 PM Aug 10th from

  58. In New Smyrna Beach, FL for 10th wed. anniversary (July 10). Reading Gilead & Giants: The Parallel Lives of F. Douglass and A. Lincoln. 5:00 PM Jul 24th from web

  59. @jwilson1812 Is that a B&C assignment? :-) Newbigin brought together ecclesiology, missiology, MacIntyre, biblical theology & charismatics. 1:01 AM Jul 22nd from web in reply to jwilson1812

  60. New memoir by @MargotStarbuck includes Glen Ellyn, IL, Westmont College, UrbanPromise, Princeton Seminary, & Durham, NC. 9:47 PM Jul 20th from

  61. Lesslie Newbigin would have had 100th birthday on December 8, 2009. I am Geoffrey Wainwright's TA for Newbigin course this fall at Duke. 12:47 PM Jul 20th from web

  62. @jtremonti The Bethge biography of Bonhoeffer is monstrously long but accurate, personal, theological and gripping. 12:41 PM Jul 20th from web in reply to jtremonti

  63. I read biographies of Bonhoeffer, Barth & Packer. Next: Aquinas, Calvin, Newbigin, Yoder, FF Bruce, and Moltmann. Theology for story-lovers. 11:46 AM Jul 20th from web

  64. I commented on my friend @jasonclark 's update on his ongoing Ph.D. work in ecclesiology and political theology. 10:21 AM Jul 17th from

  65. I encouraged Christa Countryman who is trying to finish The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky "My Summer Nemesis" 3:54 PM Jul 14th from

  66. "Distracted from distraction by distraction . . . in this twittering world." T.S. Eliot. Four Quartets (1943), p. 17. 9:08 AM Jul 14th from web

  67. Wheaton Theology Conference April 16-17, 2010 with N.T. Wright, R.B. Hays, M. Bockmuehl, K. Vanhoozer--all favs of mine 8:42 PM Jul 10th from

  68. Francis Collins Veritas Forum talks "Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief" 9:00 PM Jul 9th from web

  69. Francis Collins nominated director of NIH. See @CTmagazine interviews His is #1 Apologetics @Amazon 8:51 PM Jul 9th from

  70. Recommended date movie: "Once" (2007). It is is R for language. Beautiful, powerful, and wonderful music. 11:38 PM Jul 8th from web

  71. My new website http://www.theologicalgerma... is up. 4:13 AM Jul 1st from web

  72. I posted my paper I wrote for Hauerwas "Bonhoeffer’s ecclesiology and making sense of Letters and Papers from Prison" PM Jun 26th from