Willow Creek's 6 characteristics of good preaching
Will Willimon on intellectual curiosity, theology, preaching and communion

Tim Keller on Willow Creek, ecclesiology, and preaching

I highly recommend New York City pastor Tim Keller's first two blog posts:

The "Kingly" Willow Creek Conference

He describes Willow Creek as "kingly", Reformed as "prophetic", and emerging as "priestly."  I agreed with him--giving a couple lengthy comments--trying to show that the "kingly" has particular strength with regard to evangelism. 

I had previously interacted with Keller about large church vs. small church ecclesiology in the comments of David Fitch's blog in December THREE QUESTIONS FOR THE ATTRACTIONAL PRACTICIONERS WHO QUESTION THE FRUIT OF MISSIONAL: A Response to Dan Kimball

His second post encourages pastors to be involved doing pastoral care and not just preaching. 

Preacher-Onlys Aren't Good Preachers

He writes

I pastor a church with a large staff and so I give 15+ hours a week to preparing the sermon. I would not advise younger ministers to spend so much time, however. When I was a pastor without a staff I put in 6-8 hours on a sermon. If you put in too much time in your study on your sermon you put in too little time being out with people as a shepherd and a leader. Ironically, this will make you a poorer preacher. 

I also thoroughly enjoyed Keller's thoughts on preaching at

Gordon Conwell's PulpitTalk - Volume 5Spring 2007 - Preaching to the Heart.

There he talked about how he plans sermons far ahead of time, reads lots of newspapers and books, and believes it takes 3,000 sermons to become a good preacher.  He says he did less preparation in his early years of preaching.  He only decided to make his preparation more tight after he had to preach multiple times the same sermon.  He talked about liking:

Christ-Centered Preaching: Redeeming the Expository Sermon by Bryan Chapell (Hardcover - Mar 1, 2005)

but likes to put the theological aspect at the end of the sermon after the application. 

They have also just recently announced that 150 Keller sermons are now available on the Redeemer website for free.  Free Sermon Resource

The June cover story of Christianity Today profiled Keller: How Tim Keller Found Manhattan The pastor of Redeemer Church is becoming an international figure because he's a local one. By Tim Stafford | posted 6/05/2009 09:47AM

He has three books: