My Guide to the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting 2009
Audio from SBL Deliverance of God session with Campbell, Gorman, Moo and Torrance

Audio from SBL: Gaventa, Hays and Gorman on Romans as Christian Theology

Here is audio from one of today's sessions at the Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting.  I received written permission ahead of time from all of the participants to record and post this.  It is very kind of them to be willing to make this session more widely available.

The session (2 hrs 26 min) was very good and was attended by some 200 people including N.T. Wright, Douglas Campbell, Daniel Kirk, Joel Green, Darrell Guder, George Hunsberger, Susan Eastman, and Robert Jewett.  If you liked this, check out the Journal of Theological Interpretation which will probably publish these addresses.   

I'm frustrated and disappointed that the quality of the recording is not great.  But I did just add the WMA original version which I think is better than the MP3 one.  I tried sitting in the middle of the room and the front of the room and neither place worked well.  The next time I will have to use some other method. If someone who knows sound recording cleans it up, I will repost the clearer version.

I have given you WMA and MP3 versions.  You need Windows Media Player installed for WMA to work.  (Or you can download the file and then in iTunes go to File . . . Add File to Library. . . and it will convert the file into a format iTunes uses).    

All computers will play MP3's.  I think the WMA are of a higher quality because they were recorded originally in that format.  You just right click on it and click "Save Link As . . ." or "Save Target As . . ." and you can save it to your desktop (and it will be on your computer and you can listen to it whenever you want).

WMA File: Gaventa-Hays-and-Gorman-on-Romans (67 MB)

MP3 Audio Duke Server Link: Gaventa-Hays-and-Gorman-on-Romans (200 MB)

MP3 Audio Typepad Server Link: Gaventa, Hays, and Gorman on Romans (200 MB) (Someone had trouble with this one).


Theological Hermeneutics of Christian Scripture
4:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Room: Grand Ballroom C - SH

Theme: Romans as Christian Theology

A. Katharine Grieb, Virginia Theological Seminary, Presiding

Beverly Roberts Gaventa, Princeton Theological Seminary
Reading for the Subject: Conflict and Lordship in Romans 14 (25 min)

Beverly Gaventa

Discussion (10 min)
Richard B. Hays, Duke University
Spirit, Church, Eschatology: The Third Article of the Creed as Hermeneutical Lens for Reading Romans (25 min)

Richard Hays

Discussion (10 min)
Michael J. Gorman, Saint Mary's Seminary and University
Romans: The First Christian Treatise on Theosis (25 min)

Michael Gorman

Discussion (45 min)

Other books mentioned:

I also posted the audio from another session: Audio from SBL Deliverance of God session with Campbell, Gorman, Moo and Torrance