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Richard B. Hays Interview, Audio, Video, and Bibliography

Baylor Ph.D. student in Hebrew Bible John Anderson has posted a new interview with Richard B. Hays, George Washington Ivey Professor of New Testament at Duke University’s Divinity School.  Hays is my principal adviser in my doctoral work at Duke.  It is a great interview for getting to know Dr. Hays.  

Other resources: 


Audio from SBL: Gaventa, Hays and Gorman on Romans as Christian Theology


Hays will be presenting "Knowing Jesus: Story, History, and the Question of Truth" at the Wheaton Theology Conference April 16-17 which I'm attending. The audio and video of all of the talks are now available here for free at WETN (Wheaton College’s radio station).


See also this November 15, 2009 sermon by Dr. Hays at Duke University Chapel on YouTube or as a podcast or streamed.  This is the church where Dr. Hays attends.  It is located on the campus of Duke University.  It is interdenominational worship with Methodist and Anglican flavor.  Sam Wells, who is a faculty member in theology and ethics at Duke Divinity School, is the Dean of the Chapel and the regular preacher.  Will Willimon, currently Bishop of The United Methodist Church in the North Alabama Conference, used to be Dean of the Chapel.  

The Rev. Dr. Richard Hays: "The Beginning of the Birth Pangs." 

A PDF of this sermon is available here:

His name is spelled "Hays" not "Hayes."  His prayer and sermon begin at 28.20 in the worship service.



Hays on Biblical Studies at Duke at Socratic Audio Files (April 11, 2008).




Edited Volumes



January 27, 2010: Duke Divinity School Press Release:


Dean L. Gregory Jones to Become Senior University Advisor for International Strategy Jones will step down as dean of Duke Divinity School at the end of the current academic year; Professor Richard Hays to finish out Jones’ term.