Recommended: Martin Marty's biography of Martin Luther
Reviews of Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas

Q on the Last Decade: Trends by Crouch, Albums by Jackson, Albums by McCracken, and Books by Feinberg

I thought these four posts from December 2010 at the website for the Q Gathering were worth sharing.  

Ten Most Significant Cultural Trends of the Last Decade by Andy Crouch

Crouch is always good.  Having been a trend watcher, author, and thinker since his re:generation quarterly days, there is no one better on this stuff.  

My other favorite culture watcher is Alan Jacobs, an English professor at Wheaton College.  I love his Tumblr account: more than 95 theses where he gives you clippings of stuff he found worth reading and he gives a few comments afterward.


Ten Most Praiseworthy Albums of the Last Decade by Josh Jackson

I don't know much about music but this is all the more reason to check out what Jackson recommends here and either order the albums, get them at the public library, or try them in or


Ten Most Transcendent Films of the Last Decade by Brett McCraken

See also the Best-of Lists at Christianity Today Movies (which McCraken contributes to).


Ten Most Beautiful Books I Read During the Last Decade by Margaret Feinberg

This is a much harder category because there are many great books but Feinberg picks some good ones here. 

For years I have mining Eugene Peterson's recommendations on what to read in his Take and Read


See also these folks on Twitter:

Trends by @ahc, Albums by @joshjackson, Films by @brettmccracken, Books by @mafeinberg; Alan Jacobs @ayjay