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A few resources on Mormonism

We were talking with friends today about their conversations with their Mormon neighbors about: coffee (best not to repeatedly invite Mormons over for it), premarital sex (Mormons are proud of their strictness on this), Dr. Pepper (the Mormon husband sometimes gives in to temptations), and Monday Family Home Evening (it is best not to ring the doorbell lest you interrupt devotional times). 


A few resources I came across:

A Christianity Today article on the state of relations between Christians and Mormons.  This is the place to start:

Most Improbable Dialogue
Mormon Tabernacle revival service is latest sign of openness to evangelicals.
Richard N. Ostling | posted 10/30/2009 10:04AM

This 1997 book also looks good and is referred to in the article.  Craig Blomberg is a highly respected New Testament scholar.    

How Wide the Divide?

Craig L. Blomberg,...

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Richard Mouw (also referred to in the CT article), president of Fuller Seminary, says there is some common ground with Mormons in Jesus Christ but also serious differences, and that Mormons should engage in dialogue more openly.

See also the PBS Frontline documentary:

which I don't think I have seen. 

But I have seen this one which takes on similar issues: