Larson's In the Garden of Beasts is useful background on Bonhoeffer and Barth
Eugene Peterson's lectures at Seattle Pacific University are online

Eugene Peterson on Mark's Gospel

Update November 4, 2011:

The lectures and videos for Scripture as Formation are now available through iTunes for free.

Original post:

Seven quotes (paraphrased (!) and reconstructed from my notes) from Eugene Peterson's talk tonight at Seattle Pacific University.

1. Mark 1-8 Jesus is strolling--leisurely meandering, he has time to eat meals with anyone and take boat rides.
2. Mark 9-16 is dominated by death talk. But Mark is not morbid--Matthew, Luke, and John keep that proportion.
3. Spirituality is today viewed as a certain insipidity--blurred piety. But in the Bible, it means livingness.
4. The capacity to say no is the key to freedom. I don't have to do what my culture and glands tell me to do.
5. Mark 8--Peter tried to avoid the cross's asceticism. Mark 9--Peter tried to make the aesthetic functional.
6. St. Mark teaches us that we get to enter the center of the story but we are not the center.
7. Find a couple of theologians you trust and read them. We are not paying enough attention to our good scholars.

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