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My Fall 2013 Required Textbooks at Bethel Seminary for Discipleship, Evangelism, and Leadership courses

Taking a position at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota

Just a note that I am accepting an offer to teach at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, MN as Assistant Professor of Ministry Leadership (Tenure Track). We are planning to rent this first year to get to know the area. We are glad to have advice from people about schools, neighborhoods, renting, realtors, churches, etc. in the St. Paul area. Ryan will be in third grade and Jacob in kindergarten. Allie is 3. 

I am very excited about this position. It is the courses I want to be teaching (leadership, mission, evangelism, discipleship, pastoral ministry) at an institution where I fit, with a fine faculty. With 861 students, it is the 16th largest seminary in the nation. It does a good job of stressing academic excellence, character formation, and leadership.
The seminary is part of Bethel University, a strong undergraduate school with 3,467 undergraduates, which has has its own fine biblical and theological studies faculty.   
We hear that the Twin Cities are a great place to live: arts, lakes, biking, etc.That is not to say we are excited about the winters of Minnesota but Amy is from Erie, PA and I'm from the Chicago area, so we will make it work.
My plan is to defend my dissertation on Karl Barth's theology of the church for my Th.D. degree from Duke in August but that means I have a lot of revising to do in the next few weeks. 
Warm greetings to all,