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Good appreciative theologically-probing review by Heather Nelson of Rising Strong by Brené Brown

My take was:

Rising Strong by @BreneBrown (Aug 2015) is a vivid, warm proposal for responding to disappointment and addressing conflict.
I thought this review by Heather Davis Nelson, Nov 9, 2015 was excellent. 
Here a couple of good points from Heather: 
•When Brown talks about the importance of journaling a “stormy first draft” (“SFD”), read this as an invitation from God to pour out your heart honestly before him (Ps. 62:8).
•What she calls “rumbling” might be better understood biblically as “speaking the truth in love” (Eph. 4:15)—being open and honest about where we are and what our struggles are.


Good appreciative theologically-probing review by @heatherd_nelson of Rising Strong by @BreneBrown. … @TGC

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