Leaving Westboro - an example of a conversion story
When you preach your first sermon and N.T. Wright is in the audience

John Dickerson - competent and yes, a Christian, and yes, also a wise parent it seems

I was struck by John Dickerson's wisdom and competency on Face the Nation. I heard others praised him for his handling of the Democratic debate - joking that he is who they wanted to vote for. Sure enough, he's a Christian--attends Mass on Saturday night since his job is to host a Sunday morning Sunday show. I thought he was also on target in his comments about trying to parent and guide your children during the everyday stuff of life. 


"A lot of parenting happens by osmosis ... Going to church helps too. I go to mass" @johndickerson of @FaceTheNation http://parade.com/434227/kmccleary/sunday-with-john-dickerson/ …

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