When it gets cold, the children have to go
Leaving Westboro - an example of a conversion story

With Floodplain, Sara Groves continues to articulate feelings we all should feel

We went to the record release concert for Sara Grove's album Floodplain and now I have had a chance to listen to it. 


  1. As usual, @grovesroad has her heart to the ground feeling things the rest of us should be too. Listen & read words to new album Floodplain.

    2:57 PM - 20 Nov 2015 · Details
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    "Reality is better than fear or fantasy" "Did you see the invitation to have nothing to prove?" "Closer to the edge of I don’t know"

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    "patches of joy" About kids: "Your signal is getting stronger" About God: "I can tell by your movement you’re not angry."

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