List of articles from allegations to resignation of Bill Hybels and its aftermath
List of articles from allegations to resignation of Bill Hybels and its aftermath

James Comey, Christians in the FBI, and secrecy



Book review of A Higher Loyalty by James Comey

I recommend A Higher Loyalty by James @Comey. The first half is riveting stories of darkness: home invasion, regret, Mafia, death of a child. The second half is a recounting of ethical dilemmas he faced: torture and surveillance under Bush, Clinton emails, and Trump pressure. Tweet.


The source of ethical leadership

It seems to me the conscience and ethics of @Comey have been significantly shaped by Christianity. If we want ethical leadership, Alasdair MacIntyre argues in After Virtue that a moral framework is not common sense but develops through the nurture of a moral tradition. Tweet.


Christians in the intelligence services and in journalism

Reading James @Comey on the fulfillment ethical people experience working for the @FBI and their high retention rate, I think more Christians and those passionate about truth on Twitter should join. The @NewYorker @michaelluo and @ProPublica are also hiring. Tweet.


Secrecy, confidentiality, gossip, and integrity

One of the thought-provoking aspects about the James @Comey memos and book is that Comey thinks (rightly!) that secrecy and confidentiality of a president's words and actions are NOT legally protected. Only classified material. The leader should do the right thing, not rely on secrecy. Tweet.

I think we often assume in any kind of one-on-one conversation that it is confidential and secret. @Comey is much more of the belief that if you would not want it on the front pages, you shouldn't say it. Your duty as a listener is not confidentiality but doing what's right. Tweet.

It is not a leak or gossip or dissension to expand the knowledge of wrong-doing so that it reaches those who can address it.
Christians often use Matthew 18:15 about one-on-one confrontation to perpetuate secrecy and confidentiality. But if there is something troubling about the one-on-one conversation, it should be escalated. Tweet.