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Reflections on Eugene Peterson

On hearing of Eugene Peterson beginning hospice care: 

Eugene Peterson inspired me to want to pastor by his emphasis on immersion in Scripture and his encouragement to pastors to subtly resist consumerist pressuring by congregation members.

October 15, 2018


And upon news of his death: 

A thread by Andy Rowell


One of the people who has most inspired me has died. I was astounded by Eugene Peterson's description of what a pastor, shaped by Scripture, should look like.

I read the books he recommended in Take & Read so as to be more like him and imitated his practice of Sabbath.

When I visited Regent College in 1998 as a college senior, Eugene Peterson preached and presided at the table in chapel. I met with him later and asked him about my concerns about attending seminary. "Well, if you are asking whether this an ivory tower, the answer is no!" I went.

I did not want to be a pastor until Eugene Peterson taught me it was about being a person of quality--steeped in Scripture, prayer, and people. Then I wanted to be a pastor.

Eugene Peterson was a pastor of pastors. I have no greater compliment.

Here is the description of Eugene Peterson's final days by his son Eric. (…) 

My wife Amy answered Eugene Peterson's mail as Regent College faculty secretary in 2000 after he had left in 1998. His instructions were to decline all invitations and books because he was trying to finish The Message in Montana. "Dear Rev. Lucado, Eugene regrets he cannot attend . . ."

Another update here from Eugene Peterson's son Eric about funeral arrangements: (…)


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