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Evangelicals for Trump Coalition Launch rally at King Jesus International Ministry in Miami on Friday January 3, 2020

On Friday January 3, 2020, the Trump Campaign had an Evangelicals for Trump Coalition Launch rally at King Jesus International Ministry in Miami. 

See my Twitter thread on this story, which includes my thoughts and links to other articles.

Here is a PDF of the thread: 

Download Thread by @AndyRowell_ Thread on Fri Jan 3 2020 5 pm_ _'Evangelicals for Trump' Coalition Launch_ event at King Jesus International Ministry


Below I also try to identify the people in the group photo but I need your help with a few:


Evangelicals for Trump group shot

Evangelicals for Trump group shot_LI (4)

The photo is of 38 "evangelicals" and President Trump. 

Back row: 1. Richard Land (Executive Editor, Christian Post ), 2. Unknown (gray hair and blue suit and red tie), 3. Luke Barnett (Senior Pastor of Dream City Church), 4. Unknown (white hair and blue suit), 5. Cissie Graham Lynch (Samaritan's Purse and BGEA), 6. Jay Strack (Founder of Student Leadership University), 7. Tim Clinton (President of American Association of Christian Counselors), 8. Harry Jackson Jr. (Senior Pastor of Hope Christian Church), 9. Jonathan Cain (husband of Paula White-Cain), 10. Unknown (black shirt and striped tie), 11. Jim Garlow (Founder, Well Versed). 

Third row: 12. Danny Gokey (American singer was on American Idol), 13. Michelle Bachmann (Former Republican Congresswoman), 14. Eric Metaxas (author, radio host), 15. Alberto Delgado (Pastor of Alpha & Omega), 16. Jack Hibbs (Pastor, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills), 17. Robert Jeffress (Senior Pastor of First Baptist Dallas), 18. Ralph Reed (Founder and Chairman of Faith & Freedom Coalition), 19. Tom Mullins (Senior Pastor of Christ Fellowship) (Mullins has his head between Trump and Paula White), 20. Jenn Johnson, and 21. Brian Johnson (President of Bethel Music), 22. Johnnie Moore (KAIROS Company public relations firm), 23. Gary Bauer (President of American Values) 24. Tony Perkins (President of Family Research Council). 

Second row: 25. John Hagee (John Hagee Ministries), 26. Greg Laurie (Senior Pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship), 27. Michael Tait (Christian music artist), 28. Guillermo Maldonado (Co-Founder and Senior Pastor of King Jesus International Ministry / El Rey Jesús), 29. Paula White-Cain, 30. Joni Lamb, and 31. Marcus Lamb (Daystar Television), 32. James Robison.

First row: 33. Alveda King (Director, Civil Rights for the Unborn), 34. Chris Hodges (pastor of Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, AL), 35. Jack Graham (Senior Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church), 36. Donald Trump, 37. Jentezen Franklin (Senior Pastor of Free Chapel), 38. James Dobson, and 39. Shirley Dobson (Focus on the Family).   

Corrections and additions welcome in the comments below. 


Evangelicals for Trump 2020-01-03

Praying with Trump at the beginning of the rally on stage. 

Left to Right: Guillermo Maldonado, Alberto Delgado, Cissie Graham Lynch, Paula White-Cain, Jentezen Franklin, Donald Trump, Jack Graham, Michael Tait, Alveda King. 

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