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Paycheck Protection Program and Churches


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Apr 3rd 20206 tweets, 2 min read
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10,000 people registered for this seminar, the most people who have ever signed up for a Church Law & Tax seminar. Why? Free money.
Richard Hammar read the 900 page bill in preparation. (He also reads every lawsuit against a church every year. He is amazing).
"free money" is not the proper legal term! I'm just trying to help people become aware of the Paycheck Protection Program. Nonprofits and small businesses under 500 employees are eligible. The application is only four pages. Applying began today.
The program is designed to help small businesses and nonprofits so they do not have to lay people off because of covid-19. (One upside over unemployment insurance is those employees get to keep their benefits like health insurance).
See also the long interesting discussion in this many-pronged thread about the ethical considerations.
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