Immediate reaction to George Floyd's death in Minneapolis on May 26-27, 2020
Saturday May 30th, 2020 Law enforcement violence on media in Minneapolis

Lessons from Minneapolis one week after George Floyd's death


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Lessons from Minnesota (1 week)
1. Do not murder people.
2. Do not abet murder.
3. Do not have a history of killings by police.
4. Do not have a history of rendering people unconscious with neck restraints
5. If someone does commit murder, cry out for justice.
6. Do elect thoughtful, collaborative, compassionate public officials. If some leaders speak without compassion, minimize their responsibilities. In crisis, update 3 times a day.
7. Protests and demonstrations may be unpleasant for those who are not used to being inconvenienced.
8. Protests and demonstrations are best when led by people with a history of integrity and compassion. They know how to protest in symbolically powerful, spectacular ways without violence, looting and arson. They understand the web of interconnected issues that need challenging.
9. Local, state, and National Guard will initially have difficulty coordinating their efforts.
10. They may initially need to allow some property damage (strip malls, fast food restaurants, liquor stores, big box stores) in order to prioritize saving lives and crucial locations.
11. It is impossible to stop looting and arson if any of these are true:
(a) there are thousands more trouble-makers than law enforcement,
(b) there is a general sense that police deserve to be humbled rather than be cooperated with,
(c) politicians ignore legitimate demands.
12. If the general public get angry at the looters and arsonists and decide to protect their businesses and homes, politicians act reasonably, good activists direct protesters, and outside law enforcement act compassionately, looting and arson may slow.
13. Law enforcement need to avoid hitting media. Media need to communicate clearly who they are. Media need to try to avoid getting caught in the middle and interfering with law enforcement operations.
14. Rubber bullets are very dangerous to eyes. Wear eye protection.
15. Curfew *may* help to slow looting and arson but only if public despises looters and arson more than government.
16. Even after order resumes, government officials will still need to be responsive to wise protesters and avoid brutality or rage may burst out again.
17. Learn about how to wash out tear gas and pepper spray.
18. Local media (newspaper, radio, TV news, TV news online streaming, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) are very important. In a crisis, the public are desperate for accurate and the most recent information.
19. Government officials need to go to great effort to affirm and coordinate generous, sacrificial efforts to protect property, clean up, and provide supplies to the hurting by the general public. Yes, it is less messy to just have government do it, but public support is crucial.
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