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Saturday May 30th, 2020 Law enforcement violence on media in Minneapolis

I started a thread that night and just kept adding to it as Minnesota law enforcement enforced a curfew forcefully including targeting media. 


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So the story tonight in Minneapolis, (perhaps because I follow many journalists) is media getting shot with rubber bullets, gassed, and arrested as they get between protesters and police.
(Many media were terrified of the mayhem without police presence the last two nights).
Law enforcement seem to not understand protocol around ignoring media. Media seem to be confident that they can go wherever they want because of their press credentials. I think there is legitimate confusion going on here on both sides.
Last night (Friday night), media feeling unsettled because of the chaos. And this does not include all of the videos of cars going fast through crowds and fires.
Media getting hit by rubber bullets and gas and pepper spray on previous nights.
And this is the most terrible story, of a photographer being blinded in one eye. Horrible.
Corrections Commissioner Paul Schnell, who is briefing on behalf of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety says:
More on Schnell response:
, ,
Tonight's incidents:
Molly Hennessy-Fiske - LA Times
, ,
Ali Velshi - MSNBC
Morgan Chesky - MSNBC
Tom Aviles - WCCO CBS
Maggie Koerth
Mike George - CBS
Danger journalists are in from crowds:
What is the proper way for journalists and law enforcement to work together?
Star Tribune car shot at by police with rubber bullets:
WCCO photographer freed:
The media from elsewhere should have been in Minneapolis Tuesday, Wednesday, or especially Thursday and Friday, if they wanted to document mayhem. But they are welcome to browse my twitter feed from those nights.

A new report from tonight. It is his first night here.

Michael Anthony Adams - Vice News

Oh no! This sucks.
Ryan Faircloth is a Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter:
Ryan Faircloth seems okay and is filmed here by Maggie Koerth who also got threatened by police earlier in the thread:
St. Paul too.
She survived a lot of chaos the last two nights and now this.
It is hard to remember back to 6:20 pm (and now it is 12:45 am) but back then law enforcement and much of the city was afraid.

And law enforcement felt for the first time since Monday that they had a groundswell of support to protect neighborhoods.
Also, on Friday morning, it was clear that Governor Walz and Minnesota National Guard's Jensen felt that the law enforcement response was totally disorganized and inadequate. But they too failed Friday night. Tonight (Saturday) night was the first glimpse of coordination.
I agree that there are far too many incidents described above of law enforcement treating the press carelessly (despite some media sometimes clumsily getting in the middle of operations). Bad training, and yes, likely some of them thinking "media are the enemy of the people."
Still happening here after midnight to Star Tribune reporter:
From earlier in the evening:

Ryan Raiche - KSTP ABC
I did not mention the arrest of Omar Jimenez at 5:10 am on Friday morning while live on CNN by Minnesota State Patrol. He was released soon after.

Governor Tim Walz, by 6:38 am, repeatedly profusely apologized to all journalists.
Here is the long version of what happened to Molly Hennessy-Fiske LA Times and other journalists she was with. Horrible.
Julio-Cesar Chavez and Rodney Seward from Reuters.
(I think they were next to Molly Hennessy-Fiske and Carolyn Cole of the LA Times).
Susan Ormiston - CBC (Canada) hit by a rubber bullet in the shoulder and tear gas canister in the back.
Andrew Buncombe - The Independent (UK)
Tim Arvier - 9 News (Australia)
Simon Moya-Smith - NBC News Think
Wrap up post from @toreyvanoot
Live press conference where questions will ask about media and violence.
Just want to add that as resident of Minneapolis and believer in the importance of truth, I am very disturbed by the treatment of the media this week by law enforcement. Video evidence uncovered the truth. Thank you, reporters.

This should not have happened to Ed Ou and the journalists with him in Minneapolis. Horrible. He had to ask for help repeatedly with blood streaming down his face (Bloody photo:
and no law enforcement helped him. Horrible.
Ed Ou, Mike Shum, Molly Hennessy-Fiske, Ryan Raiche, Carolyn Cole, Julio-César Chávez, Rodney Seward were all together.
Terrifying videos and photos and accounts and injuries.

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