Eric Metaxas punching a man on a bike

Pep talk to pastors

Pep talk to pastors:
(a) struggling with the difficult of decision-making amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic,
(b) seeing high profile Christians act nothing like Jesus,
(c) with members snippy and outraged about our world,
(d) missing wholesome social interaction:
1. Be faithful. Have integrity. Teach the Bible. Pray. Care for people. The social science is clear that church involvement does indeed form people morally. And community participation helps health outcomes. What you do matters. Keep going.
2. Pay attention to the needs of the people who live nearby. With regard to poverty: partner with local organizations and government. Be a master of directing the needy to the resources that can help them. Then fill the gaps. And advocate for better resources for them.
With regard to a deficit of knowledge: people need content on the history of race in the US, why Christian faith is intellectually plausible, analysis of other social issues, relationship help, addiction info, and most of all, from the Bible, how to live as a follower of Jesus.
3. *Do* discuss ideas together as a board and as a church staff. Brainstorm ideas and try to anticipate whether the ideas will work. Listen, reflect.
BUT, there are few perfect initiatives. It is healthy to discuss, try something, and appreciate the limited success the idea had.
4. Fame, money, and size are not what determine whether an idea or person or organization was effective. Individuals and little groups do much good. They are light in a dark world. Joy is also often there. The world is not as it seems! Blessed are the little people (Matthew 5-7)!