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The missional ecclesiology of Rowan Williams

I have posted below for download the paper I finished recently on the missional ecclesiology of Rowan Williams, the current Archbishop of Canterbury, the head of the Anglican Communion. The question I was asking was, "What would Rowan Williams be... Read more →

Tony Jones, N.T. Wright, Richard Bauckham, Scot McKnight, James K. A. Smith, Robert Bella and John Milbank - Audio from SBL and AAR

In the past, I have been enormously helped by people who recorded audio of various lectures and conferences and then kindly posted it on the web. I have recorded a few of the sessions from the Society of Biblical Literature... Read more →

Andy Stanley Says There is No Such Thing as Distinctively Spiritual Leadership

Here are my comments on the article: Is Ministry Leadership Different? Andy Stanley and Jim Collins in an unexpected point-counterpoint by Eric Reed at Leadership Journal's Out of Ur blog: Andy Stanley, pastor of the third most influential church in... Read more →